Dyafat Services

For our Customers

In cooperation with industry pioneers from service and program providers, we are proud to provide you with multiple options that suit your desires and budget:

  • Flights
  • Lodging
  • Transfers
  • Tour Packages
  • Activities

Our Trip Planner allows you to determine your itinerary, course of the trip, duration in each city and the service you require based on the criteria that suits you. Our system recommends the best and cheapest options using artificial intelligence techniques for you. The rest is up to you.

For our partners

Our partners are the pillars of our business, and therefore we provide them with the means to complete, perfect and grow their business in the best ways and the latest technologies, to define their services and optimally offer them, and to market and manage them competently. Our partner list includes:

  • Basic service providers (housing, transportation, aviation, car rental, etc.).
  • Operators of tourism programs and products in all of Umrah, Hajj, cultural and entertainment tourism, events, and business trips areas.
  • Travel and tourism agencies spread around the world promoting first- and second-class products.
  • Entrepreneur aspiring to establish their small and medium business in tourism marketing.

Our advanced technology enables our partners to:

  • Define their services and products in a captivating format that helps in marketing them easily.
  • Pricing these services easily and conveniently, and updating prices at any time in line with market changes.
  • Managing the available stock of services and allocating it in an optimal way for their target market.
  • Manage reservations and follow up on accounts and cash flows.

We pursue a clear R&D strategy in an ongoing effort to improve our services based on user input so that we always provide the user with the latest and most useful applications and technologies. Besides, we are ready to consider the integration of Dyafat's platform with management and central reservation systems for service providers and operators through the API (Application Programming Interface) whenever this integration serves the goals of our partners.


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