Dyafat … why?

We care about the need and wants of our customers for all travel purposes and we combine human and technical innovation in our domain, where our customers and partners meet directly and transparently.

  • We enable our clients to save money and time while increasing the level of comfort and luxury and making the most of their trip.
  • We help our clients plan their trip by having our advanced system recommend the best and most suitable options for them.
  • We harness our experiences, relationships, and capabilities in negotiating with service providers to provide the best value and price for our clients.
  • We expand our alliance with everyone, even our competitors, for the benefit of our clients, as we believe cooperation is more beneficial than competition.
  • We provide our services on the web and on all digital devices to ensure that our services reach everyone.
  • We always strive to simplify the use of our applications so they will be effortless and fun.

Meanwhile, we serve the goals and interests of our partners, the industry leaders, through:

  • Providing innovative and elaborate solutions that help them grow their business and open new markets.
  • Providing advanced mechanisms to define the benefits of their offers and update their prices and available stocks whenever they want.
  • Enabling them to interact with market data and variables to increase their resources and maximize their profitability.
  • Creating unfamiliar programs that assure loyalty to both clients and partners to ensure their success and continuity.
  • Providing support and assistance, both practical and technical, that strengthens our cooperation with them.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs to build and make their marketing goals successful in tourism.
  • Continuous research and development to provide all the new technologies that contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Not only that, as we support the marketing of our partners' services and products, by:

  • Strengthening platform relationships with users and developing a virtual community.
  • Boosting confidence to drive a meaningful engagement in our pursuit of brand recognition.
  • Direct and digital marketing with all its modern methods and social networks.
  • Optimal use of search engines.


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